Blagathon Post #34 Learning About Blogathon

I am listening to the Blogathon story on the BE radio and it sounds facinating. I will participate next year and I will be signed up much-much earlier. This year I just happen to stumble upon when a Blogging friend asked for a donation. The name peeked my interest as I blog a lot and some days it is an all out Blogathon! I signed up with a week to spare...hardly any time to gather sponsors but I am very happy to get what I have. I am very lucky to have the sponsor friends I have.

Okay butt is numb again...I must get up and about...

Until next time...

To Sponsor my bloggin' for my chosen charity, Raptor Educational Group INC (Wisconsin), click the "Sponsor this Blog" button on the right there, and it will take you to the Blogathon website. Thanks to those who have donated already and thank you for your consideration to those potential Sponsors!!

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