Blogathon Post #10 All Backed Up

Well the program decided to work for me so I have all my MP3's from podrunner, grovelectric and beatport.com backed up onto DVD.

The BF did get me those Mussels and I am preparing them right now. I didn't give em much of a choice. I handed him the money and said it should be enough and he came home with a bag filled with Mussels. *grin*

The other stone store, Granite Winds, was not open. He said there was a note on the door saying that they were closed this weekend, but no reason was stated. He said one of the other buisness owners said there was a Fairy gathering somewhere and that is where they are at. Well howdy-doody...how about letting your customers know by adding a short note about it, or posting it to your website, or putting it on your answering machine so people don't burn the expensive gas to get out there only to be dissapointed? How flippin rude!

Until next time...

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