Blogathon post #28

Blog-A-Thon questionaire I swiped from Paint Nailish :

What charity are you blogging for, and why?
Raptor Education Group Inc because they take care of injured and sick birds from around Wisconsin with the goal of releasing back into the wild. Birds that cannot be released are cared for, for the rest of thier natural lives. They run solely off of donations and can only afford to have one paid staff member. I love birds. Anyone who helps my Bird friends is worth my bloggin time.

What’s been the hardest part of the Blogathon for you, so far?

Staying Coherant enough to blog something of some sense!!

Did you have a sponsorship goal? Have you met it? (Use this space for shameless panhandling. It’s OK. I told you to.)
I was hoping for $50 at the least, I have $45. Click the sponsor this blog button!!

What’s been fun for you, so far?
Reading my Friends blogs who are bloggin for a reason too.

Have you met anyone new and cool?
We are all cool because we are all bloggin for a good cause, for one cause or another.

What have you been eating today?
This morning I had a sunny side up egg sandwhich, for lunch I made some Mussel Stew. Then I've been kinda munchin on this and that, kettle popcorn, fresh beans from the garden...lots of chilled coffee.

So… whatcha wearing?
Shorts, unddies, no bra, T-shirt

Quick! Three truths and a lie:
I like iced coffee.

I am a Goddess worshippin, tree huggin crafting Goddess (But you knew that one already).

Truth be told, I am very tired right now and could possibly fall asleep at the puter. My butt no longer hurts and is mainly numb...

I am 6 feet tall *snort*.

Until next time...

To Sponsor my bloggin for my chosen chartity, Raptor Educational Group INC (Wisconsin), click the "Sponsor this Blog" button on the right there, and it will take you to the Blogathon website. Thanks to those who have donated already and thank you for your consideration to those potential Sponsors!!

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