Blogathon Post #30 The Name Game

Fighting to stay awake
Why did you name your blog what you did?

I named my blog Crow Calling Woman- A crafting Goddess because CCW reflects my spiritual beliefs (Earth/Native American religion) and Crafting Goddess reflects my craftiness. So people know, I am non-mainstream and a crafter. :) I also love Crows.

At this point I am at a loss as to what to write about so I am listening to the Blogathon radio (WHY do they play SLOW, SLEEPY songs for the middle of the night bloggin?! Is thier idea of toture?! AAAAAAAaaaah!!!) and participating in the contests on the Blogathon website. So I am posting my answers here as something to blog about as I am fighting to stay awake as seen in the photo....graciously taken by the S.O.

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