It's a stay home sorta day...

I am staying home this weekend. I have lots of new fiber to clean and I want to get the rest of the yarn spun up for Mum's Wing of the Moth Shawlette. I saw a super cool pattern for a shawl in the Fall issue of Creative Knitting, of which I bought JUST for that pattern at the LYS down the street. I also bought three Cherry Tree Hill patterns that were on half-off that I had been wanting for the longest time. I bought Swing Coat , Sugah Set (I wanted the caplet pattern), and Autumn Grace stole. For some reason the last two are not listed on the Cherry Tree Hill website. *shrugs* Normally $5 each I bought three of them for $7.50, Yippie!!

I am nursing some sort of cold I got yesterday when I did a stupid thing. I took a puff of the inhaler I have (OTC because I cannot afford prescription inhalers) and went out right after to bike down to the LYS. I got sharp upper chest pains and my esophagus burned! That was not pleasant for every time I breathed in the burning intensified! Had I known this would happen I would have not taken the inhaler just before leaving! Apparently, I need to wait ten minutes for the inhaler to take effect before I begin any intense exercise. Who'd a thunk?! As a result of this, I developed a cough and fluid has settled into my lungs. Overnight, it moved up into my head so now my sinuses are filled up and I have a slight bubbly cough. *sigh* Wonderful. I am taking Zicam to alleviate the symptoms but I HATE the taste of it and leaves a nasty film in my mouth and upsets my stomach. NASTY stuff, but it works! I take an inhaler before I exercise because that is when my lungs tighten up but I had no idea I needed give it time to settle in and work before I workout!

I knit up another demo for the LYS and it knit up quickly. It was a simple pattern for a small felted baggie.

That same LYS propositioned me to work on Saturdays twice a month! The only problem I have with working there is the dress code. I cannot wear jeans, sorts, or T-shirts and that just about sums up my wardrobe and I am not a dress wearing gal!! So we decided to wait a couple weeks till I could buy some better work clothes. I have worked in a casual work environment for so long that I stopped buying fancier clothes long ago. Now since I have lost weight I need to buy smaller clothes anyways as I have dropped a size!! Hurray!! All my 2X T's just hang off me and are not that comfortable that way. I have a few 1X's to wear, but not many. My shorts are so much looser and I am enjoying that! I won't need new shorts or jeans until they start to fall off my ass-I think that is a long ways down the road, but that day is coming and I am so looking forward to getting smaller pants!! At the moment I wear 24's which are a bit bigger than I need because I don't like tight fitting pants. I think I could go down to 22's if I really wanted, but I think they would be a tad too tight yet.

I am really dissapointed in the Llama fleeces I purchased off ebay. Even though the listing says they were profesionally sheered, I am finding that hard to believe because of the amount of second cuts! One fleece had bits of hoof and I wonder about the health of the animal it came from. One was just riddled with guard hairs that I spend a good amound of time Thursday plucking. I haven't touched the third one yet as I am too busy with other, better, fleeces. I bought 2 pounds of raw Targee (OMG what a wonderful fiber!!! SOooooo soft, compairable to Merino!) and 2 pounds of raw uncoated Merino. I am washing them both today. I am having trouble carding the Merino as it keeps coming out with lots of nibs for some reason. Must be the finess of the wool. I'll use it anyways as I don't think the nubs will be all that noticable in a worsted yarn.

Until next time...

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