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I never really took a good look at this site before today and I have no idea why. I was a member of the yahoo group for a time, but they never said much if anything so I left. I love the page with all the prayers on it, prayers from all types of belief systems, even one to the Goddess and I really appreciate that they have not discriminated against other systems of prayer.

A blog I read a lot, Caffinna's Creations, is telling of her hardships in dealing with the discovering she has cancer but one of the most common forms of endometrial cancer which is 100% treatable with a very high recovery rate. Regardless, she is having difficulty sleeping at night and dealing with the normal everyday functions. I can understand why. If those readers here would visit her blog, and just leave some words of encouragement on her most recent posts, I am sure this will help her immensely.

I seem to feel her anxiety as I read her entries and I dunno why I have this connection but I strongly suggested that she knit herself a prayer shawl for the recovery months ahead. I do believe it will be an immense tool of healing and comfort when the time of healing comes for her. But, the more I read of those Prayer shawl pages, the more I have an urge to knit one specifically for her. I don't know her personally, only through a couple of groups. I have no way of knowing if she likes me or not...considering the vicious lies that have circulated about my method of dealing with the flakers and haters in the last swap I hosted. My it return three fold upon them. SO mote it be. But this post is not about them as they have no power over me but she was in that swap I think also. I remember seeing some nasty comments from her somewhere. But I am compelled to forgive and forget in a time of emotional turmoil such as this. No one deserves to suffer in this way and why it is that some of us are chosen to suffer through this type of illness is unknown, but I believe what does not kill us, inevitably makes us stronger in so many ways, even spiritually.

So now I ponder...should I start one for her...or not? Should I ask her first? Yeah, I think I should ask her first because if she is unaccepting of the gift, then I will have wasted my power, time, and materials to create a tool of healing for someone who many not accept it.

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