Prayer Shawl is a go!

YAY! I got an email back today from the lady whom I inquired to make a shawl for and she said she would be delighted to have one from me.

I picked out a basket weave pattern from the Shawl Ministry Site and have chosen several prayers from their site to start with. I will create a finishing ritual of my own when I am done with the shawl. I like their "Beginning to Knit Dedication" prayer as it involves a simple form of candle magic and I like that kind of magic. I have many blue chime candles so I will be using those, dressing each one as they are used in lavender oil. I also think I will surround the candle holder with quartz and blue lapis...if only to incorporate a bit of myself and the earth religion I follow into it. Then I will send one of each of those stones to the recipient of this shawl in a leather medicine bag. I feel very good about getting start with this project. The healer and compassionate side of me is definitely wanting to come out. Since I am going to be spinning the yarn also I will need a spinning dedication prayer. While spinning-or even knitting- the yarn I think I am gonna listen to either my Chakra CD's or some other peaceful sounding CD. Hopefully, I will not doze off to them!! But I suppose that could be an okay thing. I do believe my Reiki attunement will also aid in this endeavor. I will just have to incorporate a line or two to call in the healing masters of Reiki when I start knitting.

I am especially touched by a prayer (an opening to each knitting session?), which was written for some one's Mother, a source of inspiration and love. Something I would use in my times of doubt.

Prayer When In Doubt © 2007 All rights reserved
By: Ruby Ouelette -CT

(To my Mother, whose perseverance and wisdom while battling cancer
gave me the strength to write this poem God's speed - I love you!)

Oh, Angel of mine, please hear my prayers,
give me strength and remove my fears.
My heart is heavy and I'm having doubts,
I'm asking you please help me out.
I'm not asking for a sign just a little love
between your heart and mine.
I know you are with me every night,
guide me so I know what I do is right.

It is in times like this, that religious boundaries seemingly vanish, and all faiths are seen as equals. What may work for one, may not for another, and that is perfectly okay. We each find the connection to whatever Spirit is out there, that may or may not exist, that may or may not be simply a figment of our imaginative human minds-unique as we are as simply a species...I ramble....in our own unique and human ways. I only wish that the fanatics could see religion as I do in this moment. Right now, in this moment, it all seems so perfectly clear. As the day wears on, this heightened awareness will fade and I will once again question the rhyme and the reasons for everything. This is just too weird. Am I growing spiritually? Exponentially I think!!

Woh...usage of big word....even more weird still...woh....what the!

Until next time...

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  1. The whole process of the Shawl Ministry, religion aside, the being mindful of others, and focusing energies on others in need, is very central to Reiki, that focus/mindfulness.

    Rather than get into a heated debate about spirit vs energy, the key here is folks being united by INTENT and KINDNESS.


  2. Yes, I guess it is a lot like Reiki! There is a potential for heated debate over spirit VS(?) energy? Hummm...they could be one in the same...we really don't know for sure. :P


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