While Driftin Asleep one night...

Last night I was thinking about the elemental salutations that I learned over the weekend I went to the class for Personal Energy Management, words came to me. Words that were to be said with each salutation of each element. I can't find any pictures or any sites that has what I learned but basically they are simple...yoga like stances. The salutation ritual starts with your hands in front of you, palms together, like a simple Buda prayer pose. You come back to this simple prayer pose inbetween each pose.

Air: From prayer pose, extend arms out to each side, palms down, spread your fingers wide-imagining they are the feathers of a birds' wing. Sway gently as if riding on the wind.

"Hail to the Winds which blow in each Season"

Fire: From prayer pose, extend arms upward, slightly out in a V form.

"Hail to the Fires' passions burning bright."

Water: This one is hard to explain in words alone but I will try my best. From Prayer pose, open hands so that palms face outward, fold fingers down-under and back around as you open your arms and bring them to waist level, imitating waves lapping on a beach gently swing the arms.

"Hail to Water, womb of the Earth"

Earth: From prayer pose, lower arms all the way, palms facing the ground, gently bob up and down.

"Hail to Mother Earth who supports my every step."

Spirit: From prayer pose, open bent arms wide to the sides, palms facing outward. This serves to open the Heart chakra.

"Hail to Spirit who shows us the way."

I tried putting the words to song, but I am not much of a singer. It goes to the Heart Beat of the drum for sure. I am sure someone in our spiritual group will be able to put it to words.

Until next time...

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