Today Orange, tomorrow Green!

Tomorrow I go up to Green belt. I am a bit bummed with this cold still hanging on. I am not sleeping well, if at all without some sort of night-time cold meds for cough and sinus relief and I don't sleep well if at all period without anything. I dunno why this has started to become a regular thing. I have never had troubles sleeping up till this past month. I dunno if it is the heat or what. I am not depressed. I won't allow myself to get depressed. I start feeling sorry for myself I pick myself up by the proverbial ear lobe and drag myself either outside for some exercise or to the punching bag.

I took some Melatonin along with some night-quill so that I will hopefully sleep all night. The new night-quill formula does not knock me out like the old one, which bites ass big time.

I finally got up last night around 2AM to take half a dose of sleep aid and I finally dozed off...only to be woken up by the BF getting up for work 3 hours later. *sigh*

Milk! My Goddess when did milk get so damned expensive!! On a positive note, the Kemp brand SAYS it does not use hormones on their cows anymore as no significant difference in production has been seen with the use of hormones. And BY GODDESS, THE TASTE DIFFERENCE IF FANOMINAL!!! It's creamer and richer than I remember Milk (Vitamen D) tasting!

Woh, I am getting some major drowsy feelings now...nice! Okay well if I find myself not sleeping, I will be up knitting on my first pair of socks in about six months. Weeeeeee....wow...time for bed!!

Until next time...

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