WOW what a mail day!!

WOW! I got all kinds of goodies in the mail today!
I ordered some blended glitz from legacystudios on ebay and that arrived today in the form of Fire and Tropical glitz...OOOoo droool!

Then I won a price from the Needle Felting forums online and I got that today. A Beary Best Friend needle felting kit from www.bluegooseglen.com. I cannot wait to tear into that one! LMAO!

Then I got some special poly envies today so that I have something light and cheap to send orders in through my etsy shop. Sold some Shetland batts but the mohair is not moving. *scratching forhead* I thought mohair was a popular fiber item? Oh well. Win some loose some and I definately lost on the mohair after finding out I am allergic to it-the hard way.

I have 11 pounds of lucious llama fleece on the way to me from Northern Wisconsin. A fiber dealer up Nort was selling a bunch on ebay and I got one lot of 5 1/2 pounds of light brown llama fleece for $3 (without shipping)!! Holy smokes! I went on a fleece binge. I bought two more smaller lots and ended up spending $32 for the 11 pounds with the shipping. What a steal!!! Shipping to within the same state is pretty damned reasonable and a lot cheaper than going to pick it up with gas being so high. Who would have thunk that I would prefer it to be shipped rather than just pickin it up? Totally backwards.

Today I won an auction for 2 pounds of Targee fleece (skirted) and that seller is even closer to me than the first!! And as we chatted back and forth through email after I had asked a question about the auction, found out that she also has lots more different fleeces for $5 a pound. SO I tacked on 2 pound of skirted Merino. OOOh I am so bad. Awayith Da'Bill!!! I am being bad!!!

So since I have all my goodies for making the third part of the carding tutorial, I am working away at that.

Saterday I got a postcard in the mail from Karate America with encouraging words.

"Your hard work and determination is paying off! Great job in class and keep pushing your team-mates to match your black belt attitude! -Mr. Shaub"
That came a great time. I was beginning to loose some steam but this really helps! That place is the greatest and is very worthy of every cent I pay them for my training.

Until next time...


  1. Jennifer again!

    I was eyeing the mohair, but I'm new to spinning so I wanted to ask if it would be pretty easy to spin on a drop spindle? I was fondling some at my local fiber shop but all they had was this icky shade of purple/gray.

    Let me know, I'll happily buy some!

  2. It's a slippery fiber alone and needs a park and draft method on the spindle. That is probably why no one wants it! LMAO! But when it is combined with another fiber, it adds sheen.


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