Yarn Harlot: Just keep your mouth shut

Yarn Harlot: Just keep your mouth shut

You have to go and read this entry on the Yarn Harlot blog about a rape victom who is being unjustly descrimated against by the judge of the rape trial who deemed it necessary to ban the words Rape, Sexual Assault, Victim, Attacker, Assailant, Forced in a RAPE trial! The jurors were not notified of this ban. This is an insult to women everywhere and is clearly sexual discrimination from a judge that is supposed to be unbiased! He cannot be allowed to do this. They cannot even call it a rape trial and is instead a trial of "sex"! Sex implied consensual, rape is not consensual! I am outraged!

Here is a link to a CBC radio show that interviews the rape victim Tory Bowen:http://www.cbc.ca/radioshows/AS_IT_HAPPENS/20070622.shtml

Email your senetors and notify them of this farce and help prevent such bullshit from happening to another rape victom in the USA. I have. This judge cannot be allowed to continue to descrimate against women!!

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