Another one for the Wish List

The LYS had a demo knitted up in Hemp yarn of the Lightening Lace Jacket from Just One More Row. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted to knit one for myself in some Egyptian cotton or bamboo. MMMMmmmmm.....the LYS has a lot of nice cotton....so tempting....NNNNNNNNAaaaaaah!!

So that one is going on the wish list...maybe after I get the Kimono Wrap done (IF AND WHEN!!). I love how the Just One More Row has realistic sizing for us more abundantly plump knitters. How considerate! And more considerate is that my LYS carries the patterns!! I know of no other place that carries them in town and I don't need to know.

Tonight I am working on cleaning up some more Alpaca so I can continue to card more fiber for the yarn I am spinning up for the Kimono Wrap. The walnut dye did wash out of the yarn so I plopped it back into the bucket outside and I plan to ZAP it in the microwave to see if I can get the color to set in that bronze. I boiled some walnuts last night, the ones I had in my solar dyeing jar that had been soaking for the same amount of time, because they had not released their dye stuff. Weird. It was mostly green and smelled fermented. SO I boiled them for an hour before I went to bed, then this morning I boiled them for another hour before heading to work at the LYS. When I dyed some fiber in it it came out a nasty poop brown color. Nothing close to the bronze of the outside bucket. Doubly weird. Why is it that the walnuts sitting in an open bucket outside produce a bronze while boiled, they produce closer to black?! Anyone have an theories?

Until next time...

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