To those who support unethical corperations...

(this is basically a big long rant that the word challenge at the Writers Challenge group reminded me of...please, if you don't think you can handle my intensity do not read any further. You have been disclaimered, stop now or forever keep your peace.)

To those who support unethical corperations that rule our economy, who only rule it because of YOUR spending habits.....

Why is it such a *challenge to *brake away from those old *habits, or to stave away from *addictive spending at large corporations who claim large savings in a modern world where costs are high all over? Who treat any given employee like a third rate *slave, with laughable wages to match? Who import goods from countries who actually have inhuman SLAVE FACTORIES to produce your clothing and who support the use of LEAD PAINT on your childs toys so they can make a larger profit than if they were to use the more expensive SAFE paint?!  Why can't you be stronger than that?  Why arn't you paying attention?? Are you seriously so *weak in mind and spirit that you cannot make an effort at a better choice to where YOUR hard earned cash goes to? To what YOUR hard earned cash SUPPORTS??  Does it matter to you when you support large, overpowered corporations, YOU, and only YOU are supporting the depletion of natural resources; YOU support inhuman treatment of humans overseas for your product addictions, YOU support the unconcerned and unchecked pollution and destruction that these corporations are doing to the environment and our home. Don't you understand that once our home has been unbalanced...as the top mammal inhabitant of this planet... WE. WILL. DIE. What part of this is not comprehendable!? Not only will we die, but we will be the LAST to die, suffering horribly to the end in starvation and suffocation as every food source we rely on dies before us, as the air turns to acid in our lungs....until the very last of the unique human race is DEAD?!! I could scream the facts at you till I am *blue in the face but will you hear?! Will you *finally take the facts to *heart, take stock of what is really happening, open your eyes and truly see past your own demented reality and take accountability for what you support? Will you finally become a *winner in the minds and hearts of those around you who can see the destruction and inhumanities that are desperately trying to draw your attention to, and be your own person instead of following the flock to the locally unethical corporate store of choice?! Do you have the heart to help make change happen? YOU, the CONSUMER, have the power...USE IT OR LOSE IT!! Support SMALLER companies! Support LOCAL economy! Support LOCAL farmers!


Until next time...


  1. I know precisely what you're ranting about; and unfortunately our alternatives are getting slimmer and slimmer. It's next to impossible to find someting made in the USA, and almost even worse than that, everything seems to be made in China these days. God/Goddess forbid if fossil fuels dry up and our diplomatic relations with China dries up... our economy is going to tank BIG TIME.

    Have you checked out the www.i-abolish.org website? Plenty of slavery that is continuing in this country, right down to our fruits and veggies being picked...

  2. Amen! A-fucking-men! Rant on!

  3. Oh Maven, isn't it a shame in a country that boasts being land of the free? Sickening...yet a lot of people look the other way.

  4. I'll add my amen to that, I too posted something like this on my 360 page and my blog. They keep sending our jobs out of the country and then we are supposed to make a living on what. I am not quaified for the more techy jobs there are, but I was a good assembler and production worker, only there aren't any jobs for me any more. I can tell you too that all the appliances that you buy for a high price now are crap. If you can find a damaged box marked down you are better off, or an older marked down model, you will be money ahead. They all come from the same place and are treated the same. I worked for a place that goes through the damaged skids and sorts out the damaged boxes, sometime the good stuff is taken out of damaged boxes and put in good one-so they are the same. As you can see I get a bit worked up about it too.


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