Blah...rainy day blues...

Kinda sorta. I just don't feel like doing anything after three days of blech...but we need the rain so I curse it not.

I stopped by Whole Foods this afternoon and bough a Burt Bee's facial kit and an organic chocolate bar for my Fiber Frenzy person. Hopefully she knows not who I am so this will be a surprise!!

Then I went and picked out a belated B-day card for a dear friends B-day I forgot...until now...it was on July 31st!! ACK!! I'll send some money along too that I am sure will make her day! While I was at Halmark they had some ceramic plaques on sale for 75% off (how can I resist that!?) so I bought a large one that says"Love who you are" and I plan on putting it in the bathroom. Believe it or not, that bathroom is sometimes a sanctuary for me when the negativities of life have a hard grip on me. What better place to put it than there where I will see it when I need it the most. Not to mention I am in there everyday to get ready for work. Not only will I see it, but so will the BF. Maybe it will lighten him up some aye? I hope that is more than wishful thinking. *sad-siiiiigh*

I finished the Dark Side of the Moon two days ago and I miss listening to it and knitting the flower basket shawl!! I got so much knitting done while I listened to it...and boy-howdy did it have some hot scenes!! Holy smokes! Wish I had a romance like that!! Unfortunately the author leaves you hanging on the fate of one character till the next book, and the library does not have any others by this author in circulation on CD. I hate that! She only has one more book on CD, so I requested that they purchase it.

I took the books on CD back along with a bunch of others that I have not gotten around to reading, and I don't think I will. No sense in having them lay around here so I can forget when they are due...and end up making more donations to the library in the form of late fees....ACK! I did find another book on felting...one more recently published called Simply Felt. They did not have anymore books on CD that sounded all that interesting to me. Most of what they had were crime mysteries...or ones centering on a cop who's life was spiraling out of control, or dooms day novels. Blech...not my cuppa tea. I like fantasy like the Dark Side of the Moon. I have been waiting for a copy of Brother Odd by Dean Koontz from the library all summer and I am still pretty far down on the list of people who have it on hold. *pout*

Then before I had to come home I went to the grocery and bought some steak for cookin on the indoor grill, a cantalope, and some premade pesto. That wracked up A big bill quick! OYE-VAY!! But I had a fantastic lunch of medium-rare steak rubbed with garlic granuals, kosher salt, and pepper with sunny side up eggs and toast. MMMMm, that'll keep me till supper!!

Tomorrow is the last day of summer school so I will have two weeks off before the start of the regular school year. YAY for time off!! This is one of the reasons why I like this job so much!

Until next time...

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  1. Be sure to let me know what you think of that Simply Felt book... I've been thinking about buying it:)

  2. Yeah and speaking of Brother Odd, it just arrived today! Boy talk about making somethin happen!!


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