Dawn of a Day

Dawning of a Day

How *interesting is the new day
as the last of the *starlight
retreat into *dimples of *shimmery light.
Slowly, the night brakes way
as just over the horizen a growing golden light
that the Sun *streaks across the land,
Waks all creatures
to a brand new day...
even the most *subborn of creatures
cannot resist it's *appealing nudges!
The morning dew *shivers
as the air gently warms,
a mist glitters in the golden rays
and I am enthralled
as I *cherish this new day.
Any *creative *block I may have
is shattered by the song
of the Morning Dove,
As she coo's gently in my ears,
to *enthrall me in Her morning song,
and to *insist I wake to meet
the Sun's rays of this new day.
*If only I could hold on to the power
of the Dawn, the peace and
Magic it beholds,
throughout each new day...
I would never lack the inspiration
I struggle to seek
as I struggle with the mundanitites
of everyday modern life.
Therefor, I look forward
to the magic of each new Dawn,
and greet it with an open heart
and open arms,
as the Morning Dove coo's Her song.

All Rights Reserved, C4G August 15, 2007

Created by a word prompt through the yahoo group The Writers Challenge, TWO.

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