Boredom kills!!

OMG I am dyeing (HA!) of boredom!!! Now usually when I get bored I will go out and ride the bike or something, but it is STILL RAINING! It started raining Friday night and it literally has not stopped in THREE DAYS!! OYE VEY! We needed the rain but now we are getting too much (can you have too much rain? seriously!). We've got flooding of townships in Wisconsin....Wisconsin of all places! None here thankfully but I feel for those people who are dealing with it. I have been indoors all weekend doing a lot of cleaning of the alpaca fleece and blending it with merino on the drum carder. I think I will get some spinning in and I really should knit some more on the store demo. EEP. I am almost done with it, I just need to do one more lace repeat and then the edging.

Since learning how to knit with wire, I have an inkling to go down to Hobby Lobby to get more wire. I have a sample pack of crafting wire and I used all the navy blue yesterday. I think that plastic coated craft wire would work really well with this application. HUmmmm it just struck me...what about SPEAKER wire? It comes in mostly black and red but hey, I can work with that! It's flexable enough and it comes in large amounts. I know the BF has plenty of it somewhere. Speaking of BF, he was extrodinarily interactive with me this weekend. I enjoyed his company so much more than usual! He was playful and pleasant! I dunno what has gotten in to him but I am lovin it! Maybe my experinment is working? (see post about The Secret)

I got a blog started got the LYS and she was thrilled about it. I just have to coach her on how add us all as authors and how to post on it. She said she would be able to order a louet high speed flyer so I am excited about that! Plus I can get it cheaper since I work there!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!

Well I got my coffee all chilled and hopefully I will become inspired to do something other than sit around. There is no work today as summer school is over with until the regular year starts up in September. So two weeks (about-inbetween "training" dates at base) of lots of time...I am usually not this bored. It's gotta be the weather. I haven't had any sun in three days.

I did try zapping the yarn that was sitting in the Festering Dye Pot outside in the microwave for 2 30 second interivals and the bronze color stuck and did not wash out. Sweet!! Now why the outside festering pot of walnuts and a boiled pot of walnuts produce such a difference in dye colors is beyond me but I surely like the festering pot a lot more than the boiled!

Until next time...

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  1. Hi!! I found your blog and videos thru google while searching for Patrick Green Drum carders and LOVE your videos!!! I am working my way thru them all they are fab! and I have a Louet wheel(S10) and have only been spinning about 3 months now!!I wanted to email you but couldn't find your addy!! anyway if you could I would love some help and info on my drum carder I just had the luck of buying and hubby is cleaning up!! hope you don't mind! thanks and thanks for the great blog and videos they rock!! Hugs Linda


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