On the Needles Wednesday: Flower Basket, Charity Knittin's

In spirit of L&M's Daily Chum's What's on Your Needles Wednesday's (WOYNW for short) I present my current challenge.

Well, I finished it, then put it back onto the needles because it is just too small for my abundance! I had to crack into the third skein of the loverly soy silk and silk yarn to finish binding it off. I only used about a yard of the new skein so I decided overnight (while sleep eluded me) that I would rip back the edging and put it back on the needles to do one more repeat of the basket pattern before doing the edging and casting off for the second time.

I sure hope this issue with insomnia cures itself once the cooler fall weather arrives. I have been taking Simply Sleep consistently just to sleep for the past month. I tried to give myself a chance to fall asleep last night on my own since I have no work this week, but sleep did not come. It does not help that the BF is CONSTANTLY fidgeting...he is the one keeping me from getting rest. I wish he would see a doctor about his nighttime fidgets. He is the one with health care coverage yet he does not use it!! (rant-rant-rant)

Here is a draft of the card for the Knittin for a Cause knittin group I am starting at the LYS. It's just a time for those who want to knit something for charity to come together and knit together and get pattern help if they need it. I've collated a list of local charities and a few national ones for people to pick and choose from. Now I just need to collate a bunch of freebie patterns to match it all.

Brother Odd is finally a the library waiting for me and I am debating biking down to get it. The humidity is high and so is the heat index and storms are moving our way YET AGAIN! I think I will wait till the BF comes home around 4ish and drive over. I just don't feel like biking in this type of weather. I am also gonna stop by the bank to grab $20 to send to my friend for her Bday with her belated Bday card. DOH! Then I am gonna get some Valerian at Walgreen's and I need more simply sleep. *sigh* WTF is up with this insomnia! I am quite ready to get back to my normal sleep pattern.

In case anyone doesn't know already (how could you miss such a sale?!) I'm Knitting as Fast as I Can is having a 50% off Bday sale on her patterns. I already had the Forest Canopy Shawl but I had been wanting to get the Spring Things shawl and the cowl/smoke ring. There aren't many patterns out there for cowls and I am aiming to make my own one of these days for the LYS.

I sent in my yearly membership fee for the local knitters guild. I am quite please I am able to send it in on time this year as last year I was really struggling around this time. The first meeting of the "knitting season" (they don't meet during the summer) is always a members only treat. This year they are having Galina Khmeleva who is owner of Shaska Designs and author of Gossamer Webs: The History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls and Gossamer Webs: The Design Collection. It says "she is one of the most respected and knowledgeable lace knitting instructors in the country". I have no idea who she is, but lace knitting was mentioned so I am gonna go. I just need to do some google research while I wait for the mail to come.

I am also gonna see about joining the Community Knitting committee and see if I can get that more out in the open because last year there was not much of anything about it, seen or heard. I dunno why, but I really like knitting things for charity. I don't have many friends whom I can gift with knitted things, and I am always spinning up more yarn, so who better than those in need of some hand-knits?

I wish the mail person would get here! Noon-time TV is soooooooooo boring!! I have three DVD's scheduled to arrive today. In the meantime I think I will go see what there is to watch online at CBS and ABC.

Until next time...

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  1. have you tried lavender on your pillow and chamomile tea before bed? I found it helped me.
    I love the shawl:)
    amber in england

  2. Yeah I have tried a dozen (or more) different suggestions but nothin seems to work other than taking the sleep aid. I only take a half a dose and that is enough to lull me to sleep for the whole night. Wierd aye?


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