Flower Basket Shawl MADDNESS!!!

I am trying to get this shawl going but as I am reading the pattern, it is not written correctly! It says it was test knitted...yeah, and I don't have a double-digit ass!! The astericks are in the wrong place! For example line 11 says  K2, *YO, K1,YO, K3, SK2P, K3 YO, K1, YO*, K1
Now I can plainly see in the picture provided that there is a yo k2 border on each side of the shawl. The astericks should be on the other side of the K1 at the end because otherwise, per the directions, one is led to YO twice after the center stitch as it says to repeat between the *'s!!! INSANE! This was NOT test knitted! It could not have been!!  ARGH! Frog pond points for me!!!

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