The Secret

I just finished watching the secret and as always these types of films, that deal with quatum physics and metaphysics, amaze and intrige me. They say the universe is based on a law of attraction, that like attracts like, and that we attract what we have...or don't have, in our lives. It's very interesting because when I started to think about I have optained several items I had been wishing for for the longest time. I had visualized a drum carder for six months, and then I was able to work something out with the LFS so that I could take one home. I wanted a new spinnging wheel for about a period of 3 months and I was able to get it. I have been wanting a new bike for YEARS and was able to get it this year. This year has been very fruitful!

SO in an effort to improve the relationship with the BF whom I feel does not pay me enough attention, I shall pay attention to myself by telling myself each time I go to the bathroom that I am beautiful, I am glowing with radiance, I deserve all the goodness the universe has to offer to the my mirror image. Let's see how things progress in the coming months.

I also need a way to pay of the 'ol CC which is not so much that it would be impossible to pay off, but it is dragged out. I wish for the money to pay that off. I wish it, I will VISUALIZE the bill balance being $0...and we shall see what happens in the coming months ahead. I am excited about this, and I believe I can make the change I WANT (vs what I don't). I believe I deserve all the prosparity the universe has to offer. I believe I will HAVE the prosparity the universe is gonna give me. I believe. To faciliate this, I will list the things that I am grateful for in order to attract more good things into my life. Let's see what happens!

I have not been sleeping well so I will vizualize sleeping well, dreaming of adventures from another lifetime, and waking up refreshed and rearing to go. Let's see what happens!

I am greatful to live in an apartment with an outdoor growing space, next to a wooded area, in a quiet neighboorhood with all I need around me (grocery, deli, post office, dinning, vehicle repair facilities, etc).

I am greatful to have my health.

I am greatful to have and to conitinue to do the hobbies I love.

I am greatful to have a bicycle.

I am greatful to have the job I have that allows me free time in the warm months.

I am greatful to have a job at the Off the Beaten Path.

I am greatful to know the friendly and nice people I do, both online and off.

I am greatful to have someone who says they love me, to hold me, to help me with living costs.

I am greatful for all I have.

I am greatful to be able to learn and create whatever sparks my interest.

I am greatful to me a Goddess Womyn.

I am greatful for my life and the way I believe.

I am greatful for my psychic skills and closeness to nature.

Let's see what happens!

Until next time...

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