Is it just me or....

Does the world of Prime Time TV have a fascination with cop dramas?! There are what...4 CSI's with a 5th in the makins (so I heard a while back) and I was watching the series Rain on NBC.com and this is basically a remix of the Dead Zone only the guy who can hear and talk to the dead is a cop so it is easier for him to bring peace to the dead who literally haunt him. Then there is NCIS (it's OK), Law and Order and spin-offs L.O. :CI and LO: SVU(BLECH), Cold Case (BLECH), Bones (me love), Crossing Jordan (it's OK), 24 (BLECH), Las Vegas (No opinion...imagine that!!), Medium (it's OK), Prison Brake (eh...it's OLD already), The Shield (BLECH), Criminal Minds (one too many hill-billies had sex and birthed this catastrophe of a show I think), Veronica Mars (give me a brake Buffy wanna-be!), Without a Trace (it's OK). Good goddess!! How many is that?! Eighteen!! And they all show during sometime during the week.

Are we addicted to crime drama, Soaps, and reality TV?

Excuse me while I go take a wicked barf.

Some of these are okay while most of them are spin-offs with different characters and a slightly different story line. Most of the CSI's I like, except CSI NY, and while I love the characters the stories are just the same old-same old. It's really gotten boring. And still more cop dramas crashed in their first season. I saw one once, and it was never on again. Completely crashed and burned so fast that I never got the name of the them. The one I do remember had the man who played Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager (yes, I be a trekker although the spin-offs and remakes are getting redundant and getting to the stage of hill-billy reproducing catastrophe's).

Okay but there are some fresh shows coming out, and they can't get out soon enough IMHO. Moonlight is about, yet again....a vampire cop. OYE with the cop drama's! This is basically a modern remake of Forever Knight. Then there is the ridiculous Caveman series and although the idea seems interesting, their cavemen do not have the allure of the Geico cavemen. I dunno what it is, but the series is completely unappealing to me. At least the Geico cavemen looked good!! And of course we have the forever redundent Prison Brake and Lost along with a new season of Survivor in China. Yippee-flippin-do...

And there you have it, a spur of the moment Prime Time TV review by yours truely. BLECH!

Until next time...

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