The count-down begins...

2! Ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaa!

Two days to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival!

And I've got me some spendin monay! YEEEEeeeeeeeee!!! Not to mention, a camera, a shawl, and a packed lunch. Yee-hee-hee! Last year was cold, drizzly, and right down nasty. This year the prediction is lower 70's and sunny! YEeeeeee!!!

Work has been exhausting. The Dispatcher called me twice today...once to see why I wasn't picking up one girl-the reason being they never called to tell me I was to pick her up or gave me paperwork for her rides. Another time to ask if I had been at a school yet...and that they had early outs-which I was unawares of.

WHEW! Lots of dashing off to save stranded children!

Hopefully the rest of week will be less....dashing-like. HA!!

I have most of the routes I had last year, which is fine because I will get the money flowing back in again with a quickness. I have so much to pay off from over the summer. But first...money for festival...then bills. HA!

Have you seen these? They call them Shibori scarves...but to me...it looks like it had radiation poisening and then tried to mate with a close cousin (or a sibling) resulting in a severly deformed and warted offspring.....okay...so that's a bit of red-neck in there. But still! These are appealing? Scarves with WARTS?! If you are the author of the photo, I mean no disrespect for your sense of fashion, artestry, or what you like...I'm just...what's the word....flubbergasted over it?

Who knew warts could be fashionable?

However...I really like the pleated Shibori scarves...OOOoo pretty! In fact Susan is gonna show people at her All Fiber Retreat in November/December (11/30-12-02) how to make them! EEEEEeeee! I am so going! For only $40...I can afford that in the middle of winter for some dyeing fun!

Until next time...

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  1. Check out this shibori scarf, I think it is really cute



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