Kimono Cardigan Wrap Progress

On the Needles Wednesday...on Thursday...

You know if the gave us workers like a week off, THAT would be appreciation worthy of mentioning!! But one day...out of a 365 (minus holidays...for some of us)...is called appreciation? HUMPH! *throws nose up in air, turns a 180, walks away...stumbles over a log that could not be seen because nose was SO far up in the air...does a half roll on ground in half-ass attempt to make the fall look like it was done on purpose...only to accomplish getting severely muddied after the fresh rain we just got.*

OOOOOOOOOOOOOkay then! Comic relief?

Row 98 of 147, 17 inches of 21.


I am gonna need to spin up some more yarn. I am half way through my second skein already! Check out the variegation! I love making my own yarns!!

Until next time...

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