Fox News Kills Monsanto Milk Story

Yet another reason why Fox News is bad for your health...literally. I never watch Fox because I can never believe anything that is aired, trust it to be the true or accurate, and they warp the truth to play the ratings game. Locally, when interviewed several Wiccans at a Hallows party at a community center, we told them...the pentagram is NOT upside down. Our symbol is the five star within a circle with the point up. Wanna guess what they did? They aired a graphic of an upside down pentagram. That is proof enough for me that they are corrupt. Bastards.


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  1. The news is always corrupt. That's why I check out www.news.google.com
    I figure if you take biased news from every news agency on earth that has a website that translates into English, and read a wide selection, everyone's slants will cancel each other out!


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