Kimono Wrap on it's way into my World!

I finally started on the cardigan kimono wrap last night, and after an hour of trying to get the FIRST ROW knit correctly (first row is always the hardest for me) I got about two inches done. Some of the terms in the pattern are not the "conventional" terms for stitches (SKP instead of SSK...but the same thing) and I am dealing with decreasing on my own instead of having directions for each row. You can see I have the pattern written down on the pad of paper in the background. I've noted which row of the cables and lace repeat goes on each right side row of the back peice and also noting which rows to decrease. It says to decrease 2 stitches in established pattern repeats every alternating 4th and 3rd row, 3 times, and on every 4th row once. WHEW!! It took a couple of minutes to wrap my head around that, especially at around 11PM last night! HA!

And one more picture of yarn p0rn before it gets transformed into my first garment. :) I am sure I will need more than that but I have enough now that I can take a brake from spinning and dyeing like a mad woman. Tee-hee-hee! The yarn is OOBER soft when knit up. I am so excited about this thing. My guage is a little off too. I tried the suggested size 8 and I had 3.5 stitches an inch. The guage calls for 5 an inch. So I went down to a size 7 and now I have 4 an inch. I don't want to go down any more sizes of needle because this is creating a tight fabric with such heavy yarn. This is okay though! It will be just a tad bigger and will fit me better since my bust measurement is 42, and it is only patterned out to a size 40. I am sure I will continue to shrink, and this will always fit me-even if oober loose...but my favorite pieces of clothing are oober loose. :)

Until next time...

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  1. I LOVE your yarn, C4G! It's so lovely. You are very talented. You should post these pics on the KAL blog.... very impressive! ~Christina Marie, www.knitsabeautifullife.com


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