News::Salty Burger Lands Employee in the Slammer


This was on the Offbeat News at one of the local stations website....can you say "Abuse of Power?!"

"Salty Burger Lands Employee in the Slammer

UNION CITY, Ga -- A salty burger has landed a McDonald's employee in the slammer and facing criminal charges.Kendra Bull spent a night in jail because a police officer's burger was too salty -- so salty he says it made him sick. Bull is charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct.The Georgia woman tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she accidentally spilled salt on hamburger meat. She says workers "tried to thump the salt off." She says she ate a burger made with the salty meat and it didn't make her sick. She says the officer should have thrown the burger away after one bite."

WTF is this officer thinking? He didn't like the burger so he ate it ALL and then throws the employee who made it in jail? WTF is up with this abuse by law enforcement!? I would so sue that officer for wrongful...something or another because this is bullshit! What is this world coming to?

Next we won't be able to fart in public!

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  1. You fart in public?


  2. *tilts head* Well duh, yeah. I ain't holdin it in! It's not good for yeah! You can't tell me you haven't, even when you try to make it silent (and deadly). When you gotta fart, you gotta fart. Simple as that. Besides, it's a natural bodily function that should not be squelched because of those squeamish people who hate the sound and smell. Give me a break! And besides all that...they are fun!! Please tell me you are with someone who let's 'em fly and no one cares!! That is how we are...who cares! It's natural! Okay, now I have to hunt up that book "The Book of Farts" and post some of those things on here just to be a wierd ass. It'll be a week in celebration of Farting!! FMFAO! (Farting My Freakin Ass Off)

  3. Hi Rexenne,

    I love your you tube videos, and read your blog all the time. I just had to say something about those farts.


  4. Better out than in!!!


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