OOOoh my allergies!


Something at the yarn shop totally triggered my allergies today. I think it is a combination of the cold, fall mold starting to bloom because of all the rain we had, and dust...and lots of it.


Next Saturday I am so taking some Claritin.

Today marks the first day of the Mystery Shawl KAL and although the first clue and test swatch was posted earlier today, yahoo was not loading. I was finally able to access the group to get the file printed out. I really think the test swatch should have been released ahead of time.

Here is a pile of roving I've pulled from various dyed batts of blended targhee. My foot is there for a comparison of the pile...my poor skeeter bite riddled foot. One of the downfalls to wearing sandals to work...the skeeters can get at your tender foot flesh and even on my instep! *faint* They itch so much I scratch till I bleed, but then they stop itching.

Anyhoo's, I blended the wool with some glitz to get that sparkle that reminds me of the frost or dew in the morning hours that the new day's rays illuminate. I'll be spinning this up tonight and hopefully workin on the first clue by tomorrow's new rays!

Until next time...

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  1. Beauteriffic batt!


    Hey, whatever happened to that milkweed you spun up? Did you make anything out of it?

  2. Not yet. It's proving to be a royal pain to card up into something spinable.


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