Second secret of the Stole swatch...swatched

Well I went on a hunt for beads that would fit my yarn and large enough to get a crochet hook (#12) through. I found some at Fat Cat Beads on the east side...for about the same price as online. I bought some "Japanese" square and triangle beads. I like the triangle ones better as they are not as long as the square ones and sit on the stitches better. I am not so sure about that bead shop. The lady was a little wierd who checked me out. Maybe she was just tired as they closed soon after I checked out.

Then, today, we went out to the west side to visit the Bead Bin and Wisconsin Craft Market to see what selections they had. Well crap-a-roonie the Bead Bin was closed because they were moving...down the hallway of the West Gate Mall. Grrrr. What a waste of my flippin time and gas money! I found some copper size "E" beads at the craft market, however most of those beads will not fit onto the crochet hook. So although they look nice in contrast to the yarn, they are a pain to sort.

So I guess I should be thankful that I was able to find beads that I like on the east side instead of the west. Now I am ready for the SotS to begin in another 2 weeks. In the mean time I am working on the Mystery Stole (pictures soon) and I am kept busy by the constant need to spin more yarn for all my projects!

Until next time...

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