Whew! I have been busy with work and cleaning fleece that I have not had the time nor the energy to post to zee blog!


I only have a couple hours free time now during the week, the dishes need done, I need to knit a test swatch for TWO mystery knits...one is about to start this Saterday and the other is having contests to encourage people to make swatched...which have to be done by Saterday. I still need to spin and dye the yarn for it!! Oh yeah, amd the floor could use a good vaccuming too!


I went to the first guild meeting and showed off my Wing of the Moth shawl. There was a rush of OOOO's and AAAhhh's when I got it opened all the way. It was sticking to itself because it had been laying over the back of the couch for a couple of months. I would like to wash it in some Eucalan wool wash, but it is so big that blocking it again is not on the top of my To-Do list at the moment!

I also want to make some moth repelling sachets sometime. I found a bag of purchased rovings that had carpet beetle larva in it. GRrrrrrr. That is in the freezer. I don't have a moth problem, I have a carpet beetle problem. They came from outside sometime last year and I find them everywhere, not just cozying up in my wool stash.

I dragged out a bag of targee I washed some months ago and was almost overwhelmed in cloud of mold!! CRAP!! So I found the source for the smell and it seems that a batch that I cleaned and put away was still damp. So that has been setting out all week, drying and airing out. I sprayed the batch with some Fabreeze in an effort to dissapaite the mold smell.

I've discovered that I like to spin in the grease and that I like the wool to have some grease still on it after washing. So it is wash once, rinse twice...if it needs it. It is much easier to spin two-ply lace yarn in the grease as it provides some grip to the fiber. It doesn't get yanked out of my grip as easily either. I can't wait to get that lace flyer from the LYS.

Until next time...

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  1. I like lanolin in my wool, too. I mean, dirty wool is one thing, but geez louise, why take all the lanolin out? It's what makes wool wool.


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