Spinning at the Festival

I went back to the Sheep and Wool festival today to help with the sheep to shawl demonstration.

Here is MY Trusty wheel and I unloading some low twist singles for weaving.

And here be the weaver:

I went to the Fleece show and sale area and while most of the better fleeces were all ready taken, I did find a 10 lb bag of Rambouielette (sp??) for $10 that was marked for commercial. That just means it was not as skirted as it could have been. It's oober soft like targhee and merino. Then I found 2 lbs of wonderful Shetland, skirted for handspinning. Here it all is all bagged up. I gotta tell yeah, I think I will save all my spendings for fleece for the festival because I can see, touch, and smell the fleeces before I buy them. And they are priced right with no shipping to pay. The closet is now officially overflowing with bags of fleece....must resist purchasing anymore for another year! I think I cought someone's cold...or maybe it was the exposure to so many allergens there at the fairgrounds but now I have the beginnings of something in my head. Stuffed up sinuses...the beginnings of a sore throat...blah. All worth it though. I had fun and now I am exhausted...just in time for the new work-week to begin. Yay.

The Stash:

And I designed a nice page for journaling my fiber stash. Click the photo to be taken to where you can download the word document for your own stash management needs.

Until next time...

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  1. Hey, did the birds come on the Louett, or did you put them on there? They look great on that wheel!

    Have you heard of Spin Out?


    I think there's an event in NYC coming up, but there's plenty of online opportunity for donations and stuff. Check it out.

  2. Hey there! Nope, I put them on there. They are Wallies Wallpaper cutouts. I found them at Hobby Lobby for half off on clearance. Joanns has a lot of the wallies and so does Micheals. I am eventually gonna put on some Onestroke flowers between them too. I just need a bit more practice with the Onestroke before I go attacking the wheel with paint!!

  3. i'd liked be there too!!!

    i see rambouillet!!! That my best fvorite precious one! looool

    i'm cray about this fleece!!!!


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