Finally some free time to post!

Whew, this second job is sucking up all my free time...but I like the extra money it brings me. I totally skipped karate class all week because first I got to feeling sickly, and then second I was so tired from this new schedule of mine. I was gonna go just Wed and Thurs but now I think I will go Mon and Thurs so I am not going twice a week on the same days I work both jobs. It's just too much on me!

I am finally getting around to spinning more yarn for the Mystery Shawl and slowly spinning up more merino/alpaca to dye up for the kimono cardigan. I will also be doing a Navajo plying video since so many people have requested it. I initially wasn't gonna make one because there are already several out there on the net and I don't want to take away from the efforts of others. *shrugs*

I am slowly making my way through the recent KAL, Secret of the Stole. And thanks to the mischievous Wicked Stitch Witch, I signed up for another Shawl KAL- Mystic Waters which she blogged about. They also have a group on Ravelry.

My coworker and I went to the local St. Vincent thrift store and I found the most wonder statue of Mary (AKA St. Mary, Mary Magdalene). We seem to have a drifting ghost who has taken up residence in the bedroom. Every night he (I get the feeling it is a man) paces in front of the fan in the window. I can hear it pacing because the pitch of the fan changes like when someone walks in front of it. I emailed my mentor about it and she suggested that I light a seven day candle in honor of the dead. Because the veil is thinning this time of year the drifting ghosts are becoming more active, actively seeking out those of us who can sense them. I don't have much experience in helping wondering souls to pass on to the next plane. DO I sound like a familier prime-time TV show? It's outragious! Besides that, they really creep me out. But the more I experience, the less afraid I become. She said if the candle did not work, and he still hangs around (I think his name is John...it's a name that keeps coming into my head), to place a string of mini-lights (white) in a bowl. She said ghosts are attracted to light. And still yet if that did not work to place a bowl of play money out because sometimes the ghosts think they need money, because money is such an important thing in the physical plane. She also suggested I blend me up some protection oil, place some protection rocks around the window, and also wash the windows with rosemary water, and reinforence our protective shields around the apartment paying close attention to the side with the bedroom windows. Windows are our eyes to the world. Ghosts have always been near me, I ought not be afraid still at this age, but alas...

I have this weekend off and I will be online early so that I can chat with my BFF Valerie from my home town of Muncie Indiana. I have missed chatting with her, and I have worked the last 4 Saturdays during the main hours she is at the library. I am so thankful to finally be able to chat with her again. I miss her so much. Then after that I am gonna spin all weekend...spin-spin-SPIN!!

You know something popped into my head this morning. My coworker Verna gave me a big snippet of her Geranium plant and I was able to get three clippings from it. As I was planting them in pots this little ditty came to me: "You know a witch lives here if/when a Geranium is near." I know geraniums are the prime witchy plant and they seem to thrive here.

Until next time...

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  1. Loving the Autumny title header on your blog!!! About the new lace KAL, all I have to say is...Muahahahah!!!!

    About your ghosty. If he is not aggressive or hateful he is more than likely just passing through or is confused. It's the aggressive, hateful ones that you ought to batton down the hatches and protect all windows and doors. If he is pacing the window, have you looked out the window while he is there? Perhaps he is looking for something or waiting for someone to pass by. Have you asked him? Since you get senses of him being there, gender and name... try asking him some questions. He may just answer you and then you can better help him on his journey. Just my .02.


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