Pipers in the Prairie 2007

This was a really, superly nice event and the Leapold Nature Center really puts out for it! Considering this is their biggest money maker. The event had the price tag of $125 per couple but there was food EVERYWHERE from all sorts of different vendors! Even wine and liquor tasting! I have had way too much of that liquor this weekend. I had two Red Ale's last night that kept me up all night. Humph! I think it was a mix of the beer and the hot temps that kept me from sleeping. For some reason, when it is hot or humid outside, I don't sleep well anymore! What is up with THAT shit?!

You can see a slide show of the photos I shot here: View slideshow

I have video too but Windows Movie maker is slow and I am too tired to put something together and upload it to youtube tonight. I totally walked up to the Green Man and asked if I get good luck for the rest of the year for "catching" him. The BF dared me to...and then he was totally flippin out when I did it! LMAO! No you aren't...he said after he mentioned that I should go catch him and I started walking off. Yes, I am I said and walked right up to him, hooked arms with him and had a nice small chat. I think the Green Man was caught off guard! LMAO!! We both had fun. We even saw a couple news anchor personalities from WKOW there as well!

I cast on for the Secret of the Stole, and the yarn shop gave me another project to knit. I dunno how I am supposed to keep up with everything at this rate! I have next Saturday off thankfully. We decided that I would take the second Saturday each month off because I need at least one weekend to myself! On the other hand I will be working more during the week day as well, so I will not have nearly any time to myself for knitting still. I need the extra money though. The extra $50 I got from working at the yarn shop made a difference in being able to go to the Pipers in the Prairie or not.

Until next time...

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