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I went and read a bunch of my favorite blogs on bloglines this morning and caught wind of fowl smellage. No, I didn't fart, apparently there are a bunch of people who have a stink to fan with Goddess Knits and the recent Halloween Mystery KAL. I almost joined it, but kinda glad I didn't because then I would be in the mists of all this crap.

A bunch of people found it confusing...a bunch of new knitters over their heads I may venture to assume. Honestly it is a huge stink between Ms. Violet and Goddess Knits that is making them both look unprofessional. Ms. V had a lot to say on her forums, calling names, talking down about the patterns and such...calling other people childish when I could clearly Que in on her childishness in her posts. The pot calling the tea kettle black kinda stunt. Sure has made me see Ms. V in a new, unflattering light. Of Course Goddess Knits was just as bad posting a copy of a post from the forum to her businesses blog. Oye.

Pagans. *eye-roll* Can't we all just get along? Or would that be too boring for you? Not that we don't all have something better to do than to waste time online, playing "Word Wars" with one another. Cripes. This is the main reason why I went solitary, because of this sort of crap. Everyone always after everyone else's throat...out for blood.

Other than that, I have not had much time for too much of anything. I am gonna start working at the yarnhouse all days on Saturdays. Mo-Money! I have found that the pattern I am working on by Eisner (sp?) Strick has some errors in it, confirmed by Strick herself when I emailed about it. I have also emailed plymouth yarn for the corrections of it, but I am still waiting on them to get on the ball. I doubt I will hear from them anytime soon.

I had asked about it on a yahoo group for shawl knitters, and found out very quickly that I did not want to be a member there. Someone had sent a message through, a chastising, know-it-all-better-than-you kind of message and then apologize quickly for it, stating it was meant for another group. I asked why she was discussing my concerns over the pattern in another group and had asked which one that might be, but got no response. Forget that group. Ask for help and get made fun for it in another group I am not a member of. I am not a new lace knitter, quite experienced thanks so much, and oh surprise-surprise it turns out I knew what I was talking about since there are "erratas" (fancy Latin term for "errors" I found out) in the pattern. Is saying "errata" a polite way of say "errors"? Not that I ever though "error" was rude. Weird.

In other news: My poor Merlin bird is very sickly now. I came home Saturday night and she was crying out from pain. I held her for a good hour before she unstiffened from it and started talking to me again. Oh it just brakes my heart to see her suffer so much. She has diahria too. I would much rather she let go and pass on than to try and fight to live through such horrible pain, but she persists in trying. I went Sunday and bought some broad spectrum antibiotics because I cannot afford a vet visit. I've done spent over 1,000 in bills for her. I just can't afford anymore. She has an electric blankie to keep her warmer so that hopefully she will survive this latest episode of illness. My poor baby bird. *sigh* She is no baby, more like 6 years old, but I raised her from a small little day old chick so she is my "baby".

Until next time...

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  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Mean people suck!

    And speaking of mean, you are TAGGED. If you want to play it's here:


    Take care!

  2. Ugh, I know. Witch wars are so tiresome. There's apparently a thriving pagan community here in Columbia, but the two main groups are always trying to one-up each other on how petty they can be. Bah. I'm glad my husband and brother can do Sabbat rituals with me, so it's not so painful to be basically solitary the rest of the time.

  3. It's the same here Chelsea. Each group is always trying to out-do the other when they should be working together. They claim they are all for "unity and community" but what they do speaks louder than their form of propaganda.


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