*THWAP* I've been tagged...AGAIN!

The evil womyn over at Green Woman tagged me...I think in payback for me tagging her...

Paybacks are a ....

"Each player starts with some random facts/habits about himself/herself. As you are tagged you need to post the rules and your responses on your own blog. At the end of your post, you need to choose some people to tag, list their names and, of course, leave them a comment, telling they have been tagged and they need to read your blog for more information.”

A is for Animals...I like most but hate Chipmunks. Crows are my favorite, hawks are close behind, Griffins are my favorite mystal creature, and Unicorns are close behind.

B is for books...I can never have enough although I never have the time to read. I keep telling myself someday I will!

C is for cat...I am very allergic to them. *AHHHh cooo!!**

D is for Dishes...that I hate cleaning. Ugh...the six is full....AGAIN?!!

E is for Ebay...the orginal internet super-evil...IMHO.

F is for fun. My motto is: If it ain't fun, it ain't worth doin.

G is for Goddess, whom I worship.

H is home-made bread. I love making my own bread! I have tried to make sour-dough on a number of occasions but can't seem to get it to come out...tasty.

I is for Icord...I hate making icord.

J is for Journey. No, gawd, not the band (although they weren't so bad)...as in all things metaphysical and physical. Revel in the journey!

K is for Karate! I love karate and I WILL make it to black belt....in another two years!

L is for love...sometimes you need it and sometimes it just a big pain in my ass!

M is for Mother Earth, whom we are destroying...wake up people!

N is for Nostradamus...he was a cool dude!

O is for Orgasim...one is just not enough! *snort* You wanted to know that right?!

P is for planning and there is never enough of it.

Q is for Q...as in the Star Trek TNG Q. Gimmie a man who can have fun like him! I betcha he is great in bed!

R is for running, something I wish I could do but I still need to loose another 50 before I will even attempt it. Jumping jacks hurt my bellay so running will probably do the same.

S is for sleep...I can't ever get enough. Sheep are fun too and I wish I could have a few.

T is for Tree huggin! Me loves the trees, me communes with zee trees...old and wise, mystical and practical. I talk to them, and they talk back.

U is for Underworld...of which is coming out to play on Hallows eve. I loved the movies Underworld and Underworld 2

V is for Victory and never giving up. Failure is not defeat unless you stop trying.

W is for wine...I love to taste wine. It gets me shnockered in a heartbeat as well!

X is for....I can't think of anything that would start with an X that would pertain to my life. I could do Xciting, Xcellant, Xcitement, Xscavation, Xtortion, Xperiment....Yes Xperiment....I like to do that!

Y is for yarn...OOOoooh yummy, soft, squishy, shiney, warm natural yarns...MMMMmmm....yarngasims?

Z is for Zarnan, my cute and curious pet Tortoise.

OH good goddess! That took me a week to do!! *slump* Now the fun part! I tag WickedStitchWitch and Maven because me like them both so much. :-)

Until next time...

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