Balance Ball and karate News

I purchased a balance ball from Target today and tried the AB workout that came with it. The kit cost me $28.00 for a small ball, two DVD's, a stretch band, and one manual hand pump to blow the giant ball up with. The Ab workout is KILLER! OUCH! So this was well worth the money. I really like balance ball AB work as apposed to traditional sit-ups and crunches. It's much easier on my tail bone.
In other news:
My Karate instructor complimented me on my kicks last night at Black Belt class. He said "Great job on those kicks. WOW!" He literally said wow! Sweet!! I am so proud of myself! I have been stretching and working out everyday for the past two weeks (minus the weekends), 10-20 minutes at a time (minus stretching time) and it has really been paying off. I stretch to the Goddess Mandala and then kick-punch-jump rope to my favortite Podrunner mix Beat Cathedral (which is no longer available online but I can send it via email if you'd like). Then I do cool-down Tia-Chi to the music of 2002-Heaven and Earth.  I promote to Purple Belt on November 30th!! I've made it to my goal!!
I have been craving animal protein big time. Must be my muscles telling me something! So I bought some steak to make tonight for the BF and I. I am eating some Cage Free eggs at the moment. Yummy!! Speaking of food, I am going to purchase an organic turkey this year. I wonder how the taste will differ from what we normally eat? If it is anything like how the eggs taste so much better than the "regular", factory-farm raised eggs...I may get hooked! It's a bit more money but worth it to help support ethical meat growing (not just turkeys).
I haven't gotten much of anything else done. I am too busy working for the money and working-out. There is barely any time for anything else anymore. I was almost ready to say I cannot work during the week at the yarnhouse, but I sucked it up and I continue to work during the week. I need the extra money and it is only three days a week for 2 hours a day. It would be nice if I could get more than one weekend off on a regular basis but then that would mean less money. Ugh...decisions!
I am busy preparing my basic self-defense presentation that I will be doing in another three weeks. I think by then I will be more than ready to present. At the same time I am laying the foundation for a regular work-out routine.  I will have more time later next week when school is out for two days and winter break is coming up as well. I cannot wait for the two weeks off. Mom is coming one of those weeks so I am sure the week will be interesting.
Until next time...

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