Dishcloth Craze

I must have skipped it when I first started knitting. Most folks, from what I hear and read online, get the dishcloth bug when they first learn to knit a scarf. Then it becomes a sock bug, then a shawl bug, then a vest bug and on-and-on...

Me? I'm completely backwards...and I am not suprised! I started with socks. Then gradutated to spinning and then knitting my very first shawl (remember Mothula?). I've done socks and shawls almost exclusively with a small charm bag knit here and there. Now, I have the dishcloth bug. I was looking through the patterns on Ravelry and I swear I started to drool! I want to do the I love you mom cloth as a gift for my Mum. Then an idea hit me...what about a whole spa kit?! I know how to make scented bathsalts...and I just bought a pound of cotton yarn to knit with. Why not? A nice cloth, a soap bag, a scrubber mit, somehow packed nicely into a decoractive basket. That'd be something nice she could take home with her when she comes to visit next month!

Speaking of making things, I want to make a safe travel charm to send Mum to carry with her. I am sure it will keep her mind at ease as she is a worry-wort. I made a travel charm for the truck some years ago and it has kept us from getting into any serious accidents. Minor rear-endings have been frequent for some unknown reason (as in the truck getting the rear-ending and not the truck giving the rear-ending...knock on wood!!!).

I need a yellow cloth and black, red and purple yarn to braid for the closure. Maybe I will knit a tight fabric pouch of cotton? That shouldn't take long to make. For the herbs I think I will choose sage, lavender, and bay leaf. And for stones I think I will choose sunstone, hemitite and quartz. All put together on a waxing Moon on a Wednesday. I have a safe travel ritual I have done before that I will do again when the time comes. Although I think I will drum and do some rattle shaking this time making it more "Shamanic" and earthy.

I love making charms. I should make them more often. I was looking through Cunningham's Magical Crafts and I want to make the protection plaque, and the shaman's arrow, both for the bedroom. Then I skimmed through the magic bottles and magic boxes as well. I am so interested in these forms of magic yet I don't do them very often. I suppose I could make them for the sabbets...that would be a good way of celebrating and recognizing the changing seasons. Each charm would impart the qualities and "atmosphere" of the sabbet to carry with me. But what would I do with them when that particular sabbet came back around? Burn it? I would save and clear the stones to use again. Hummm, I am fairly sure I would be bored with it after the first year. Maybe I should do charm bags one year, charm boxes the next, and charm bottles the next after that. I don't do enough magic. I should do more.

But first...to get this danged demo-shawl done!!

Until next time...

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