Bored to the floor...

Ever wonder where the phrase "Cuppa-Joe" came from to describe a cup of coffee? I thought "Maybe it is because it rhymes with Cappuccino?". Joe and Ccino...

I am bored to the floor. Ew *inches closer to mysterious glob on the rug*...what's that?!

Ravelry has lost it's....novelty. It's really boring now. Although I get lots of messages and today I got an invite to join a yahoo group through a lady who has watched, and really liked, my Youtube fiber working tutorials. Warm fuzzies!

We visited a couple second hand shops today. I found two skiens of Caron cotton (I think it is caron) in red. I was so wanting some cotton to knit a face/dish cloth for my Mum from!! I saw a design online for one that said "I *heart symbol* U Mom". Althought the pattern is not free, I am pretty sure I can figure the pattern out on my own.

Then we hit Savers on the east side because rumor had it they were closing. They were and everything was 50% off! I found an old Karate America duffle with a full set of sparring gear that looked like it had only been used maybe once or twice! It was only $5 with the half off so I bought it. It had an out-of-date white and blue uniform in it along with a white, gold, and orange belt. Then I found an old attendance card from 1998 in the bottom!! Turns out that the foot gear is too small, but the hand and head gear is usable! I will probably still end up purchasing a new set, but this set I can keep at home for "sparring" with the punching bag. THWAP!

One of my teeth keeps aching. I suppose I will have to make arrangements to get it pulled since I have no dental coverage. *sigh* I also found more grey hair this morning. Cool beaners! I hope I have sparkling silver hair...none of that white stuff. I want silver!

I am putting together a presentation of basic self defense for my WTI (Wemyns Theology Insitute) group meeting that is coming up in December. We had a bit of a scedueling headache at the yarnshop, but I think it is all worked out now. I have been working on getting the stretches to move smoothly from one to the other and finally have that working. Then I have it all timed the 15 minute Goddess Mandala song. Sweet! It feels a lot like yoga.

I am doing so much going on December this year. I am going to the All Fiber Retreat that Susans is doing the first weekend of December. Then the WTI group meeting is the second weekend. Then my Mum is coming up to see me either the last of December or first week in January. WHEW!!

I am so sick of this demo I am knitting. I am ready to burn it. I have the pattern memorized so it is knitting up smoother than before with the corrections. It would be nice if I had time to knit on one of the FOUR projects I have sitting on the couch on hold since I started at the yarnshop. Sundays are my "knit on my shit" day. If I didn't set aside time for my knittins, I would never get around to them. And at that, I'm a bit peeved over. It's taking me ten times longer to complete MY projects than it has before. There is just no time for me anymore! Another thing I am peeved over.

Bartender! Slide me over a Long Island Iced Tea!!

Until next time...

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  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to say when I was younger I had a tooth pulled because I could not afford to fix it. Anyway, now I have an implant which cost way more than what fixing that tooth would have been. And if you do get it pulled all your other teeth will shift and screw your mouth up more than ever and your jaw bone will deteriorate in that area.

    Do you have any Medical University around you - Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Dental Medicine?

    Sometimes they will work on your teeth for little or no money. I have insurance and went to them because it cost less for me after the insurance company paid their part. Here in South Carolina at MUSC you can let them know that you don't want a student doing the work that they can watch? And I just need to say that I loved my doctors/dentist.

    Keep you teeth if you can.

  2. Sorry, keep your teeth if you can.


  3. I agree with what gertieanne says, btw! I'm sure there's a university with a dental medicine program near you--get googlin' woman!

    Regarding the no time for self and the knitting taking priority over everything else... has it gotten to an obsession or is it like a job at this point?

    I'm in a rut with these slippers... I can't stop making them!

  4. It's starting to feel like a job. I almost don't wanna knit anymore! I did mention to my boss at the yarnshop that I want to take a brake from demo knitting so I can finish a few of the projects I have had on hold since starting there. I am not sure how she feels about it, but I get the feeling that she is annoyed. She thinks that the employees should be making something for the store since we work there. Which is odd to me because I have things I want to knit for myself! I tried making some thrummed slippers, but they did not work out so they are snoozing. What pattern are you using Maven?


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