I feel ripped off...

Warning! Ranting ahead!!




I bought an Aflac vison coverage plan last year along with an accident and dissability plan in hopes that I could curb my eye care costs. Turns out, they don't cover much of anything at all and I have been paying $25 a month via direct debit from my paycheck for 12 months for a little bit of nothin. I could put that coverage costs back and have more than enough to cover my costs! Good Goddess, they are such a rip-off! They only cover $35 in exam fees, and they only cover contacts and glasses AFTER 24 MONTHS FROM ENROLLMENT!!!! What fuckin use is that?! $25 per month for 12 months is $288!!! More than enough for a years supply of contacts and an eye exam!!

*&^%$#@ RIP-OFF!!

I wanted to cancel the plan 2 months ago, but they told me I could only cancel during "Open Enrollment" in November. So I have to still pay them till then.

*&^%$#@ RIP-OFF!!!

Then I called to cancel and they tell me the plan will continue until Janurary and I still have to pay them.

*&^%$#@ RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mother-flippin-god-forsaken-unregulated-bullshit!! I am so angry with them right now!

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