I've ordered....

Soap! Melt and pour!

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some MP soap making supplies there, but the price came out the same FOR LESS than I would be able to purchase online at Wholesale Supplies Plus, INC . My online order came to just under $20, with shipping at a flat rate of just under $7 (UPS), for a GT of $26 and some odd cense. I ordered one 2lb block of clear MP, one 2lb of silk & shea butter (YUMMY!!! The reviews for this one is spectacular), clear blue soap color-solid, white sparkle powder (for the WOW effect), blue powder (for salts and fizzies), a sea shell candy mold (for the inlays), and 1lb of citric acid (for the fizzies). MY Goddess! That is a lot for so little!!! Now I don't know if I wanna take back what I purchased at HL or keep it to experiment until the good stuff gets here. I purchased a Soap kit, some extra soap, two scents, and a candy mold...for the same price as the online order. The online order is shipped UPS so it will take anywhere from 3-7 days to get here, and then there is the gamble of actually being here when it arrives to sign for it (how inconvienent!). Do I wanna wait? Good things come to those who wait?

I can get higher quality supplies through the mail for cheaper than local costs...how backwards is that?! I may just keep the scents I puchased at $2.99 for a 1/2 oz bottle. I purcahsed Red Rose & Thyme and Lilac. I really like the Red Rose & Thyme scent and the Lilac is to die for!

So for my spa sets I will be making a bath mit, a soap bag (for the MP soap I will be making), a headband, and a textured washcloth. Not sure which cloth design I will use but I like Dolly The Dolphin. Not much out there for ocean themes. I'll have to design on that says Relax. Maybe I will thow in a copy of my sea waves CD as well with instructions on "How to Pamper Yourself" with practical herbal remedies. :) EEEEEee!!

Well anyhoo, big plans for handmade gifts this year. I hope they are gladly received.

Until next time...

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  1. Yeah, soap @ the craft stores is hella 'spensive. I think they bank on the fact that many of us dabble, and want the instant gratification of "just trying" a new craft... I recently picked up a bug candy mold from A.C. Moore, to use for soap inclusions -- I need to unpack my soap craft stuff still, but it was a good price.

    A couple years ago I found the coolest Goddess soap molds on eBay. They might still be there, take a gander. I kept almost ordering them, but I wanted the whole set, and knew I shouldn't spend so much on soap molds...

    Anyway, soap's fun! I think even more fun than candles! Looking forward to seeing any pictures you care to share... or a new vid! (:

  2. Actually that warehouse site has several goddess items: http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=1798
    Not to mention loads of female figure molds and other "paganish" designs. Check em out!

    I am so taking that stuff back now! LMAO! I wait till Friday and then say I changed my mind.

  3. Ooo, some very cool molds there. SO tempting...

    Even with HL's limitations (and the owner's Bible-thumping ways), I wish we had one within easy driving distance. I looked on their website, and the closest one is about 4.5hrs from here (D.C. area)... when I lived in Indiana, it was an hour drive, easy-peasy. And I love their yarn selection, particularly their Yarn Bee brand.

    However, we do have A.C. Moore, which has a pretty good selection.


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