All Fiber Retreat and one hell-of-a-drive home...

Let's try this again! I was just about ready to start typing when PhEEEeeeeeeew the electricity went out. ACK! We are in the mists of our first Winter Storm...very early in the cold season. For once we are having a "normal" winter for being in the North. The last 5 years have been unseasonably warm with little snow. Not this year!!!

Yesterday I was sorely dissapointed in the BF after finding out he had not planned on taking me out for Sushi in celebration of getting my purple belt, but just said he would to satisfy me at the time I asked. I am not a happy girlfriend and I am sick and tired of being dissapointed by him. Because I was so dissapointed YET AGAIN by the BF, I did not perform well at my promotion and I hated it. I did get my purple belt but it is very clear on the crappy video he shot that I was not into promotion mentally as I should have been. Instead of celebrating, I was crying when we got home.

So I made it to the All Fiber Retreat about an hour before the winter storm started. This was after I got up around 6am, went to the bank, had breakfast at the local pancake house (not IHOP), then went over the local Farm and Fleet to purchase two tubes of sand and handwarmers before I even left town. I went to bed pretty early last night because I was so depressed. I brought my heaviest sleeping bag with me just in case I got caught in a ditch on the way home...which almost happened...once. Of course my luck would have something I want to go to land on the weekend the BF wants to go to his club thang. Damned it to hell and back! So although I had THREE offers for a bed to stay the night at the motel 8 where the fiber retreat was held and most of the wemyn there begged me to make up a lie in order to stay off the road, I relunctantly drive my ass home in a damned ice storm. It took a good hour and a half what is a 30 minute drive in good weather. A semi passed so close to me in the left lane (that was not plowed btw) I thought for sure it was gonna scrap me! The highways where hell! There was a layer of crunchy ice where the plows had been and I could not tell where the lane lines where at all. I was just following the path carved by other vehicles and I am surprised the tired held up! WOW, the snow came early this year!

Next time, I told the BF, I am going to stay put when weather like this hits when I am at an event like this. I am very resentful at having to come home and risk my life and well-being to do so. Then he acted like he was not gonna go! I told him he better go! I came home in nightmarish driving conditions so he could!! The wemyn at the retreat said that if he really cared for me, he would ask me to stay put there at the motel. I agree.

But you know a car about a mile ahead of me slid into the ditch. When I reach the car I stopped to see if they needed assistance. Wouldn't you know it, a man clambered out of his sporty car WITH A BEER BOTTLE IN HIS HAND!!!! I asked if he was okay and he said he was and that he had called a tow that was on the way. He said he appriciated my stopping but I don't appriciate his choice to drive in this weather DRUNK!!! I told him to take care and went on my way. I hope he sat in that ditch for a good long time, the son-of-a-bitch. How utterly irresponsible!! Thank Goddess I was no where near his ass when he hit the ditch.

I fishtailed once trying to make it up a rather large hill on the highway, but other than that I handled the hellish driving conditions well. Susan from Susans Fiber Shop gave me her cell number and asked me to call when I made it home so she would not worry about me. That was sweet of her. I did call and I do plan on going back over tomorrow, only this time I am bringing a change of cloths so I can go swimming! I so wanted to take a plunge today. It was nice and warm in the pool room.

There were venders there as well. I bought 8 ounces of Merino roving in a colorway called Glowing Coal. MMmmm nice and warm! I walked down to Culvers in the middle of the storm to have lunch. Everyone thought I was nutty! It was walking distance and the work to walk in the snow helped to burn some caleries anyhoo. Honestly, I'd rather have sushi.

When I put the newly aquired fiber in the closet I noticed raisens...little mouse raisens all over everything! Damned-it-to-hell! We have a mouse in the house! LMAO! It's a first in the three years of being here that we have had a rodent issue. Being by the woods I always expected to have this problem pop up sooner or later. I haven't seen the raisens anywhere other than in the closet so maybe it is stuck in there. Hopefully.

Well more reporting tomorrow and I'll have some photo's as well. I plan on going to Susan's Spinners Retreat in March. This time I am gonna book a hot-tube suite for myself and the BF is just gonna have to sacrifice his club night.

Until next time...

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  1. Good God or Goddess, woman, you drove in that storm? I'm quite sure I'm probably old enough to be your mother, so I'm telling you, don't you do that again, BF or no BF. A spinning, knitting, purple belt crone-in-training is too valuable to risk that way.

  2. LMAO! I done told the man that I won't be coming on in weather such as that again. He would just have to miss a night of clubbin!


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