Well the weekend ended on a high note when I visited Susan's shop Sunday before heading home the second time. The drive there Sunday morning was much better than Saturday night, and even better still when I came home Sunday afternoon. Many of the backroads are nothin but ice today. I bought a fat-core bobbin for the louet and a flick from Susan with a 18% discount for coming to the retreat. Sweet!!

Somehow I got stuck with the three most gossipy, "Grey-Hairs" (this is a term they have earned to describe them because of thier behaviors) I have ever had the displeasure of being around. They didn't have anything nice to say about the host of the weekend, Susan. I was taken aback by such unpleasant behavior from grown womyn. They bitched and moaned about how nothing happened on scheduel and how scatter-brained Susan was. I sure would like to see them put together a weekend like that, run a business AND try to be at the hotel for the weekend and see how together they will be. What ungreatful hags! Every business owner I have ever known has been scatter-brained. There is a lot to run and a lot to think about, escpecially for one person who does so much for these ungreatful hags! OH! And when one womyn of the "click" left for some reason, the other Grey-hairs would talk smack about her! OMG! I am so staying away from that group of grumpy-ain't-got-nothin-better-to-do-than-talk-smack-about-everyone-and-everything-hags! OMG! Gag me with a spoon already!

It wasn't all bad. It was just that one corner I was in...where there was seats left to sit in. MMmm I wonder why?! I told Susan when I visited her shop Sunday about how these Grey-Hairs talked smack about one another behind thier backs...but I left out the part where they had openly disrespected her efforts to put the weekend together when she was not around. I think in this case, ignorance is bliss. She is a hard worker. Every small business owner I have met has been a hard worker.

I did bring swim clothes with me Sunday and I went for a swim. The pool water was so chlorinated that I smelled it for the rest of the day, even after I good scrubbing. I think it burned my sinuses! My skin was sooooooo dry and itchy afterwards. YUCK! I booked a two night stay in a hot-tube suite for the March Spinners Retreat. It'll cost me a pretty penny but it will be worth it. I think there is a 10% discount for AAA members so that'll save me a pinch of change.

I have busily working on making bath bombs, soap and knitted items for spa gifts. I have also been working on the fleece from Lotti, the sheep I adopted this year. I love the fleece! It has the staple of a BFL but the softness of Merino (BFL x Merino). YUMMAY!

There is a tea light in the middle of the fleece to help gauge how much is there. There is a lot!! I want to knit on the stole sometime this week and I still need to spin more yarn for the Shawl. UGh...so much to do! So little time!! There is still three weeks till Xmas break...ugh!

Until next time...

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  1. I know what you mean about old hags, I hope I don't turn into one. I've been in the same situation, I just keep my mouth shut and somewhat ignore people like that. But I must say I have gray hair, not completely. I have bought a few items from Susan, she is a very nice person. I met her at SAFF once.

    Glad you had a good time.
    I wish we had retreats around here, but not many people get into this stuff here in the south.

    I am from up north, MD. and live here in SC with my husband. I really want to move back home. He loves it here, I don’t know why. I think there is about seven spinners here if that, and they don’t always get together either and some of them don’t get along very well.

    I have been knitting so much lately that I haven’t had time to spin very much. I have so much fiber to spin that I really can’t buy anymore. Email me if you can, gertieanne2001@yahoo.com

    Nice Fleece

  2. LOL! I am going grey now as well so I will eventually be grouped in that catagory but I also hope to never get so haggish! Susan is really nice, and she has helped me afford, via layaway, several large and expensive peices of equipment. I think she is a blast! She never takes things too seriously. I like people like that because I am that way as well.

  3. Hey woman! If it's not too bold to ask, can you share your recipe for bath bombs (via email if need be) with me?


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