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The computer repair shop finally got back to us after the holiday and said that the computer was so hosed that there was nothing he could do but format the hard-drive and start over. Great. Well that is up to us to do so I opted to have all my information retrieved off the hard-drive for a whoppin $100. So the total for getting the danged computer back is $150. Fifty was for diagnosis and the hundred was for the data-retrieving. The man there said that a bad RAM chip caused windows to crash. Imagine that!! I wonder if it was the new one that I just purchased from all your donations? Well, we will find out. He said that he left it out of the computer. I can't remember if Mike took the new one out or not. Why does an RAM chip make windows crash?! Of all things!

To prevent such a disaster in the future I am going to purchase an external hard drive to store all my videos and photos on. Hopefully they will be safe on an external. Mike is very much against externals but after he hosed up the puter restarting it about a dozen times trying to fix it, I am not going though this again! On a positive note, I have had plenty of time since there is no computer in the house that I can work on (except the dinosaur but I hate that one because it is so slow) I have gotten lots if knitting and reading done. Next week I will be concentrating on getting my craft corner organized *AH!* and getting some new tutorials together after this long hiatus.

Christmas was interesting this year. Mike surprised me with THREE gifts! Last year we just took each other out for dinner at a place of our choosing. I was wanting a digital voice recorder so that I can do some ghost hunting and maybe communicate with the one that is always pacing in front of the bedroom fan and scaring me in t he middle of the night. He bought me a nice one that came with computer software for editing and putting on the web. NICE! He also bought me God of War which I beat in two days time. I have been talking about that game since it came out, expressing my desire to purchase but never having the extra funds to do so. I cannot wait till God of War 2 and 3 get down to a reasonable $20. I really like this game and it is HIGHLY addictive! I am playing it again on a harder level....ack! I don't think I will ever make it through on GOD mode. EEP!! And the last present was a Adventurine winged Lion. It was so cute! He thought it was a griffin but I informed him that griffins have beaks. But this one is a fine guardian as well. I put him on my dream altar and ever since I did I have been having some wacked out dreams! I actually dreamed about communicating with ghosts with the digital voice recorder. I have yet to try it for that purpose. I have to muster up the courage first and consult my Obsidian looking glass.

We are getting a ton of snow again which I am loving. Driving in it is a pain in the ass but I love the snow. After the last partial thawing and then freezing the snow is too hard to work with for the igloo cabin. With all this fresh snow and predictions of upwards of 6 inches I should be able to start up construction again. I have photos...they are just waiting for the puter to be well again.

Mike and I went a Solstice bonfire last Friday and it was nice. The snow was all mushy from the thawing but they had hot cider and coco along with pita bread and humus dip. Ever since then I have been craving humus and pita bread. It makes me fart like all craziness but that is fun too. I found out the next day that a hot amber had burned a hole into my new work coat. Damed it to all hell! Right in the middle of my back. So I will be out on a hunt for a suitable patch. A friend mentioned that I should get a solstice patch because I was "touched" by a solstice fire. :) Maybe I will do that.

Okay I am at the coffee shop, my breakfast sandwich is probably cold by now and I have other things to run off and do. That's all for now!

Until next time...

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