YEAH! We are back up and running!!

$400 later after a Kingston RAM chip caused Windows XP to completely and totally crash beyond repair.

We literally had to rebuild the computer. The motherboard was fried. Mike was gracious enough to purchase the motherboard, a 2.6 Gig processor, and went half on a one gig RAM chip. I had to take the ram chip I bought earlier from the donations BACK and exchange for DDR2 since the new motherboard takes the faster DDR2's. This is after I took the orinigal DDR2's back in exchange for the regular DDR because the old motherboard was too old for DDR2's. But now they are out of stock and I have a rain check for 2 of them since they were on sale for $30 each. In the end we will have 3 Gig of RAM! In addition, because of After-Xmas sales, I was able to purchase a 500Gig backup external hard-drive in hopes of saving myself some future hassles of taking this thing into a shop and paying premium to get data recovered. I also plan to purchase some data-recovery software so I can do it myself should the need arise. The external does regular backups of the entire system. Sweet.

Now to get to the arduous task of calling up Microsoft to get a new key for XP. Ugh. What a chore.

Until next time...

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