You Folks ROCK!! ROCK ON!!

When I logged on this morning I found that three people had donated to my fundraising efforts for a new ram chip, and we have half of the goal to raise already! I never expected in my wildest dreams that I could raise money for a ram chip so quickly!

I have been browsing the local tech stores online to see what is available and this is a great time to buy RAM. Everyone has some sort of great deal. Anyone have brand preferences? Best Buy has PNY 1GIG RAM which seems to be popular with a lot of computer users and Circut City has brand Centron on sale which is not so popular. They are cheap enough I can get TWO with what you folks are donating!! YEAH!!! ROCK ON!!!

I bought brand Kingston before and was sorely disspointed when it started to crap out exactly one year from when I purchased and installed it. Just past the warrenty guarantee so I will never buy Kingston again.

You folks have made me so happy! I am now excited to finally be able to upgrade the ram and get those new vids out!!

Until next time...

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