When one thing fails...

Everything follows in suite!

Well thanks to every ones kind and generous donations to my New Ram Chip fundraiser I was able to get one new 1 GIG ram chip!! Thank you so much! I am one lucky gal!

First, I bought the wrong kind. I bought the DDR2 RAM which I found out our motherboard is too old for. So I had to go and return that the next day because it started to snow again the day that I bought it. When I purchased the right kind of RAM, and brought it home for Mike to install....then Windows crashed!! OYE-VEY!! We tried repairing it with the installer CD but it said a windows file was corrupt and it did not give us any other options. SOOOOoooo, the extra money still sittin at paypal from donations will go towards saving my now trapped movie files and all my other files like patterns, photo's and graphic files I created on a trial edition of Photo Shop 11. Data retrieval starts at $50 and restoration of windows starts at the same price. If windows is unsaveable I will just get my files and have Mike reinstall windows...again. I hate having to reinstall windows because we have to call up Microsoft and get a new key each time we reinstall with XP. Each time I have to explain why I am calling yet again to get a new key. Yes our system crashed....again. And on top of the annoyance of having to call them up, I always get someone with a heavy Indian accent who can't seem to speak very fluid or comprehensible English just yet.

What's a person to do?!

I really hate windows. I am considering going to MAC.

I am supposed to be at the knitters guild right now, but I am across the street here at the library doing this instead. I have a book I need to take back to the guild's library but other than that I am not staying long. I am exhausted from not having a day off in two weeks. UGH!! Winter break is still another two weeks away. Could time slug away any slower? I need some time off! I really find the knitters guild to be boring. I could be at home spinning and watching a movie. I am just not that kind of knitting guru.

I did a self-defense intro class this weekend and it was great fun to teach wimmin how they can defend themselves simply and easily. My WTI mentor said that she was taking me home with her for her personal trainer! LMAO!! How funny! She propositioned me to do a crafty class with our next subject Feminism. I wish I had the puter at home because I need some ideas as the next WTI weekend is in two months! OYE-VEY! Here I am running myself ragged again!

Well anyhoo. Here at these libraries they only let you on the puter for a max of a half-an-hour and I have 14 minutes left. I cannot wait to get the puter at home up and running again. In the mean time I will not be entering much of anything into this until it is fixed and I will be using my free time to knit and spin, and think of ideas for a creative feminism class. HUmmmm....

Until next time...

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  1. Hi R,

    What's a person to do? Ditch Windoze!

    I changed to a Linux based OS system 3 years ago. I have not used a video editor yet, but there will be one. It's a move I've not regretted, and much cheaper than buying a new Mac!

    If you are interested, first of all look at http://www.ubuntu.com/ download the disc (free!), and boot it live in your cd/dvd drive. Have a play, and if you enjoy it, install it. I'd recommend 'dual booting' for a while. That is running Windows and Linux side by side until you decide which one you prefer.

    Good luck, and feel free to get in touch if you are stuck.

    cav2033 from YouTube.


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