I learned "Split-Ring"!!

I got the split ring down...now how do I switch colors without getting a kink in the line? I tried the shoe-lace method, & I tried it without it & I still got kinked. *Okay, mind-out-of-the-gutter!*

The top shuttle is Buffalo Bone and the bottom one is one I made from polymer clay. Neat, aye?

Until next time...

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  1. It's been fun reading your posts on tatting. I tried it a while ago and couldn't get it, and boy was I surprised to see you become interested in it, and the videos you posted did the trick. I finally figured out how to tat!

    Unfortunately, I haven't been as smitten with it as you. I'm more of a practical person, so crafts that result in purely decorative items don't sing to me like knitting and crocheting where I can make something pretty AND practical, like a sweater, socks, throw rug, etc.

    But I've enjoyed reading all your posts about it. You're doing very well. You'll be a tatting master in no time.


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