Tatting that star

I am doing this "Star of David" tatted project to learn and practice split rings & chains as suggested on the online tatting class pages. I am liking it so far and I am starting to understand how this may work for that antique pattern I wanna do without constantly cutting and reattaching. *shutter!* What tedious work crafters went through in the old days!

I went to the second hand store today and found more thread for tatting! EEEEEEEEEEEEEe!! Not only that but I found a felting needle handle that holds 5 needles for $.50!! Ye-ah!!

After going over to my co-workers place to fix her puter and optimize it, she took me out for lunch as "payment" for the work I did. She says I really should go learn more on fixing puters through the local MATC because I have a talant that is going to waist. *shrugs* I picked it all up from the BF over the years. Nothin special about that.

The issue with the slipcover from ebay is on it's way to being resolved. The seller, despite the no return policy they have posted, offered a refund after the recieve the slipcover return...postage paid! I dunno if I should say something to ebay or not because after I mentioned I would contact ebay if we could not agree on an exchange for the right color, they were all like "we not want to cause you trouble, we give you refund". That's oober suspicious!! We'll keep our fingers crossed for that refund. I think I will just shop locally for a stretch to fit slipcover which is what I should have done in the first place. Ebay is okay for small things; beads, thread, shuttles...once in a while books...but larger things like this...no way. Never again.

Until next time...

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  1. Wow, your tatting has improved so MUCH since you begain! That's fantastic! I learned a long time ago, but have forgotten how.

  2. It'll be like riding a bike then Fiberfanatic! Why not start up with it again? Never too late!


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