What to do?!

Does anyone have the book Contemporary Tatting: New Designs from an Old Art by Judith Connors that can help me out? I cannot figure out a part of one of the patterns. The pattern is for the Gemini beaded earrings on page 27. The authors instructions for the Dora Young knot was just atrocious and it took me two days to figure it out with help from various websites. Anyhoo when the pattern brings you to the bottom of the hoop that you are covering in thread, it says to string beads onto an extra-extra large picot and then "...link this to the ring..." but the author fails to instruct the reader on HOW to do this. I tried setting it under the knots, but it was easily pulled out. I tried tying it on by knotting through the picot, but that left one thread of the picot out of place and it didn't look neat to me. Any ideas on how to do this "linking" thing?

We are up for another Winter Storm warning tomorrow here in south-central Wisconsin. They say it will be a doozy but we know how those predictions go. Usually never as bad as they say...either that or they are a whole lot worse than they predict! LMAO!!
Somehow I picked a nerve in my lower back just above my butt bone (fancy term for tail-bone) yesterday when I was trying to practice doubling up my kicks. OWE. My back is better today but I am still stiff and sore around the butt-bone.
Now if I could just figure out this joining thing...I could make LOTS of these earrings to give away. MMMmmm....in the meantime

Here is a Celtic knot heart I tried to do from the book Celtic Tatting. It kinda looks like a heart, I think. It was a real beotch to weave the string of knots to make the center. The white one is what it is supposed to look like. Mine kinda sorta looks like the picture....kinda...sorta...
My heart has been through the wringer...literally. HA! HA-HA-HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
I like puns. :P

Until next time...

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  1. Hiya! Judith is Australian and I got to meet her while visiting in 2005. I took a look in my book (hadn't noticed this one before - looks cool!) and I think the picot in your pic is too long. Yes, it would have been helpful is she'd stated beforehand to only make the long picot long enough to string the 5 beads on plus a teensy bit more. Anyway, what you are going to do is join the tip of that picot - when you bring the thread over the hoop and there is the loop that the shuttle goes through? With your crochet hook, bring that loop through the tip of the long picot and then the shuttle through that loop which secures it to the hoop. Clear as mud? In the illustration, she has the tip of the long picot on the left. You can email me privately if you need some more help with this.

    :-) Gina

  2. I love the heart! Just wonderful!

    When are you going to update your sidebar? (I know: nag, nag!) But your project Spectrum is from August/September, and didn't you earn your purple belt in November? What is your next belt goal? I try to watch for that!

  3. Thanks Gina for your help!

    Hey fiberfanatic! Sidebar has been updated! Thanks for the reminder! I honestly didn't think anyone was paying attention to it.


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