T-t-t-tattin along with a Shadow visiter & giftings

I finally got around to blocking, stiffening and mounting the "star of david" in a hoop. It looks more like a snowflake to me. I really need a scanner. We'll have to see what payday brings next week. Target has a nice HP printer, scanner, copier for $80- that I have had my eyes on for a while & the ink replacements are reasonable for it. I cannot even find the color catridge for our hand-me-down HP printer anymore. We are stuck with black only.

The Angel & Leaves pattern that I have been trying to rewrite is just too fiddly for my inexperience. This one is getting put aside for later. It kept curving around & I don't want that. I wonder if it is the thread (Omega matalics)?

I finally got started on the Floral bookmark that I saw on etatters & liked so much. I tried doing it with needle tatting but that proved to be too much of a pain-in-the-ass for color work. Blah! This one I am doing in Classic crochet thread (black) and Omega thread (antique gold/yellow).

Last but not least is Shadow Kitty. I was tattin away one sunny, wintery day last week when I looked over to the patio and saw a Shadow that resembled a kitty. Must be the protector of our patio doors. :) Can you see the Shadow Kitty?

A friend of mine gave me a whole skien of Cherry Tree Hill Oceania arn in the Sugar Maple color way over the weekend. I tis a beautiful yarn that has a string of matallic gold running through it. I have been wanting that for so long but it was just too much for my budget! I am one lucky gal! Swing CoatI totally want to knit the Swing long Coat out of it!

Until next time...

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  1. Hi Rexenne,

    I was watching your basic spinning video and would like to know where you bought your ply guage you keep on your wheel?

  2. Oh yeah I suppose I should have mentioned that aye? I bought mine at Susan's Fiber Shop (susansfibershop.com). Was the video okay? You didn't mention how well you liked or disliked it.

  3. The videos are great. I have been spinning and weaving for a few years, 1999 I think not sure. It is always good to watch and listen to other spinners to learn new tricks and ideas. Like the gauge card, I had no idea it was out there. There are only a few spinners here, 5 or so, and most of them are new to spinning. I just love the internet, don't know what I would do without it.


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