Antique Mall finds & Scrumble swap

I did my scrumble last night and I love the way it turned out! I wanted to show the yarn off a bit so I used a bobble stitch to do so with. It turned out FANtastic! LOL I am actually a day behind as this was supposed to be mailed out to the next person in the round-robin but time flew last week! Before I knew what happened...the week had ended and I had done no scrumble! ACK! Well it is about 5 inches across and that exceeds the minimun of 4.

We went to the Columbus Antique Mall today, my mission was to find tatting shuttles. I didn't find any...but the place is flippin HUGE so I may have not gotten around to where one may have been. But I found four old magazines that feature tatting and a set of "vintage" buttons.

Until next time...

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  1. I received it today, added my touches and will ship to the next person tomorrow.


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