My Mycology grows...

Okay we have a little update on my Mycology studies and experiments. The basket shows my first straw inoculation set in a mesh water plant basket that is about 12 x 12 inches. I used the teks shown here at http://www.mushroomvideos.com/ . The straw was heat pasteurized in lime water. The jar next to it shows I have a bit of Elm oyster grain spawn left. My iron cauldron sits on top of the basket to help keep some moister in. The lid is from a different container. I took a peek in it today and the mycelium is growing out onto the straw. In a couple weeks we should have a bunch of shrooms to eat. I then took some of the left over grain spawn and inoculated three more jars of grain so I can make a "mushroom log" outta hay. I have a big ol bag of hay...I dunno if I will get to using it all up! But I still had more grain spawn left-over so I decided to try something a little more "outside the box" so to speak.
So I read in a book called Mycelium Running that mushrooms are great recyclers so I took the box my replacement UV Heat bulb came in, boiled some hand shredded newspaper in lime water, and layered it inside the box with the last of the grain spawn.
We'll see how this works out.
The close up of straw inside the bag is a photo of the elm mycelium taking hold inside. The white blotch is the growing mycelia.

Until next time...

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